Back in the Saddle

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been almost eight months since my last post. No, I haven’t given up on the hoard or my parents. I’ve just had several situations come up in recent months that demanded my attention. Everything else, including the hoard, was put on the back burner.

Also, after that last trip in July, I knew I’d reached a sort of standstill. Until we get Mom’s clothes off the dining room table (yes, she did load it down again), loveseat, my sister’s room, and my room, I can’t go any further. There’s not anywhere to put things up because the clothes take up the spots where objects go. My old room is the absolute worst room in the house now. Clothes are stacked on the bed, on the floor, on top of my childhood toys, and spread across the dresser. I open the door enough to squeeze inside, but then the only room for my body is right where I’m standing. I face a wall of clothes – halfway up to the ceiling. In my parents’ room, shoes are pushed under the bed but then stacked on top of each other beside the bed. I can see that many are worn and need to be tossed. Most are the same pair of black shoes (Mom’s shoe of choice for work). There’s a pathway about a foot wide through the room. A cedar chest is pushed against one wall, with clothes stacked up on top, of course, with the overflow on the floor beside it. The overflow is funny because it’s a bunch of torn, old clothes that should be scooped up and thrown in a garbage bag. Mom’s clothes are in Dad’s closet, so he just throws his clothes on the corner of the closet door. Mom’s closet has one long rod, maybe six feet, that is dipping in the middle from the stress of the clothes’ weight. On the floor, shirts, pants, and purses are crushed together along the closet length to the height of the clothes. The extensive closet shelf holds Christmas decorations, more purses, and what looks to be empty boxes. Considering this home with the mountain of clothes, I feel as though someone has their arms around me in a vise grip and I can’t break their hold on me.

This is the largest part of the hoard. The problem is my mom must be present to decide which clothes to keep or give away. And unfortunately, she doesn’t have a lot of days off, and she and I end up having different off days. This is another reason I haven’t worked on the hoard in eight months. A couple of weeks ago, though, we started on the closet! Seventy percent of it was her oldest clothes, dating back to the 1980s. She had no problem getting rid of them, so after we gathered them up, Dad and I started loading them in my car. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t all fit. So we took a load to a thrift store and then the next day took the last load to a different thrift store. Seriously, there were so many I was afraid they would turn us away. By the end of the next day she finished sorting through the closet floor pile. Also found the cardboard box that my childhood fridge for my kitchen set came in. Strange. No one could remember putting it there. I had to come back home, so we didn’t get to the shelf above the rod. Mom says she’s hanging up clothes on the available rod as time permits.

Of the more current clothes, she’s still keeping way more than will ever fit comfortably in the house. I consider this the first round – letting go of the older clothes that she would never wear now. On the second round, we’ll work on only holding on to what meets square footage requirements. It feels great to be making progress again!

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