They’re Cleaning!

“I cleared out a space by the recliner,” Mom told me excitedly on the phone last night. She is continuing to work on the living room and is still motivated by the thought of being able to paint this summer. I encouraged her to continue. I am going to help her Monday and Tuesday of next week. It would be wonderful if she could get the piles down enough on her own that we could finish the living room in two days. I think I’m being a bit ambitious, but why not, let’s shoot for the stars. I could hear the anticipation in her voice of throwing out an old blue chair and a cabinet that holds a record player/stereo. She told me to bring masks to fight off the dust. My dad, it seems, has been inspired by the inside work and according to Mom was throwing some things in the yard away. This Wednesday I’m going to get some plastic containers to help organize the cabinets above the washer and dryer and vacuum-sealed storage bags for quilts and blankets. I can’t wait until next week!

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