It’s All Too Much: A Hoarder’s Resource

It’s All Too Much by Peter Walsh is one of my all-time favorite books about cleaning things out and organizing. Okay, so it’s actually one of my favorite books, period. I really miss his show, “Clean Sweep.” I used to watch it every Saturday morning, and he always seemed to make the families realize that stuff is not so important as their relationships with each other.

I love to read books about simplifying and living with fewer material possessions. I just checked this one out from the library and reread it. (I had given my copy to my mom to read, and she lost it either in her car or the house.) In chapter two, he does a wonderful job of explaining the excuses people have when it comes to letting go of their stuff. Between both of my parents, I’ve heard them all. My dad recently told me excuse number seven – he doesn’t care if the house is clean or not. It doesn’t bother him. That’s the statement that frustrates me the most. How unbelievably selfish to not care if your children had to live in filth as they grew up. To not care if they couldn’t have friends over (by the way, my sister and I had our best friends over anyways, but I still cringe to think of what they must have thought about us). Has he ever even thought about our desires and the kind of family we wanted to be? Some of the excuses, such as “it’s too important to let go,” make sense to me. Of course it’s hard to let go of items, such as your child’s first pair of shoes, that remind you of the past. But if those children are so important to you, why do you choose memories, mere objects, over them? In the book, Walsh shares some of his experiences working with acquirers and hoarders. He explains some of the motivations behind hoarders’ behaviors, which is therapeutic for me. He repeats over and over that it “isn’t about the stuff” and “imagine the life you want to live.” Then he goes into detail about how to clear the clutter from each room. It’s such a great resource for anyone trying to clear clutter. Now if I could just clear the clutter in my parents’ house enough to find my copy…

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