Hoarding Appliances

This morning I woke up at eight, still pretty tired from yesterday. Dad made blueberry pancakes and bacon, so I couldn’t start the decluttering until he sat down for his breakfast. Then I dragged out everything in the cabinet between the sink and dishwasher. I found a rice cooker, deep fryer, bun warmer, three hand mixers, an ice cream machine motor, a donut maker, and a popcorn popper without a lid. Mom and Dad narrowed this collection down to just one hand mixer and the ice cream machine motor. I was very proud of them. Into the same cabinet I put their salad spinner, tea maker, food processor and its parts, a huge Corningware dish that Dad wants for cooking chicken, a thermos, and four coke bottles.

In the small cabinet to the left of the sink I found thirty to forty plastic bags, which all went into the trash. There were also random lids, fifteen-year-old poptarts,  and a thermos. These items also went into the trash. Into this cabinet I put a coffee kettle, a glass jar for stew, a coffee grinder, and a water filter pitcher. I also had time to reorganize all of my parents’ plastic containers and Tupperware to fit in the bottom cabinet to the left of the stove. It looked so much better when I left!

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